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We Are iPad Specialists

iPads provide the most reliable, affordable, and flexible IFE deployment available.

The finest IFE in the sky

iPads offer a beautiful screen to your passengers

iPads have proven themselves over and over again with literally millions of hours of inflight usage, and they only continue to get better. And with our proprietary configuration providing 20+ hours of battery life, they’re suitable for any deployment.

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           20+ hour battery life
               App Store Games





Streaming + WiFi






Portable IFE remains the
most cost-effective solution

iPads continue to offer a better viewing experience than any other IFE option. With light weight and unrivalled flexibility, Solid State’s low cost per seat purchase, lease and even rental options make iPad-based IFE the most affordable IFE in the sky.

SSC – Simple Service Contract offers a single monthly payment covering all aspects of your deployment; hardware, service, updates and content.

A Full House Of Content

Early Window Movie Approval, Netflix And More
Early Window

Full Early Window approval from all Hollywood studios, available through our secure app.

Netflix & Amazon

With access to Netflix and Amazon original content, we have all your bases covered.


A wide range of top international titles available in multiple languages and regional variations.


Choose from hundreds of  thousands of top App Store games.

Rapid, Reliable & Customisable

Instant IFE, Zero Downtime
The finest IFE design on Earth

UI Experts

From complete ground-up redesigns, to simple touches such as Light Mode/Dark Mode (below), our award-winning, flexible UI design is fully mature and can be tailored to any requirement.

The Best In UX

Custom Designs

Our multi award-winning AAA+ dev team can build anything from the simplest UI to the most complex and sophisticated interfaces. Everything is built to your specifications, whatever they may be.

We Speak Your Language

Fully Localized

We know you have to cater to a wide range of passengers, including local and international travellers, and we can make it easier for you with unlimited language options on every device.

Global Language Selector On Every Screen
Unlimited dubs/subs
Support for full right-to-left UI
Future Sailors

Simple, Reliable

We know that portable IFE has its logistical challenges, so we’ve made every step of the process as pain-free as possible. From proprietary MDM software, to state of the art charge/sync hardware using Thunderbolt protocols, we make everything easy.

Our processing speeds are the fastest in the industry, our hardware management is hyper efficient, and our support is second to none.

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Full Service
  • Ground To Air
  • Turn-key Service
  • Landside or Airside
  • Any Airport
  • Complete Maintenance
  • Rapid ThunderSync Charging
  • High Speed Updates
  • Individual Device Management
  • Thunderbolt Enabled
  • Minimal Footprint
Device Management
  • Remote Access
  • iPad Superpowers
  • Automatic Updates
  • Dynamic UI Changes
  • Devices Locked Down
  • 24/7 Remote Support
  • On-Site Support
  • Self-Healing Software
  • Telephone Support
  • Training

Waiting for delivery of an IFE solution can be the most frustrating part of any deployment. This is where we can help.

Solid State works with Apple and its Authorized Resellers in all territories to provide you with the fastest delivery times, guaranteed.

Really in a hurry for IFE? We can provide fast, complete rental solutions with our in-house equipment, in as little as 72 hours.

Maybe you’re not ready for an IFE solution, but need answers and guidance.

We can help you with our full IFEC Consultancy Service.

We’re Solid State, a creative technical team located in the heart of London. We work with airlines, charter and leasing companies to closely examine the existing state of their installed IFE systems, and we pride ourselves in understanding your requirements and helping you make decisions.

What we can help you with

IFE Strategy | Fleet Analysis | Cost Analysis | Passenger Satisfaction

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